An Oak Park and River Forest High School student who was injured after falling from the grandstand at an assembly is in stable condition, said Erik Jacobsen, a spokesman for the village of Oak Park. 

Jacobsen said the incident occurred May 17 around 10 a.m. during a spirit assembly held at the school’s football stadium, and the Oak Park Fire Department arrived at the scene and took the student to the hospital. The student was reportedly straddling the fence, which was about 25 feet high up in the stands, when he accidentally fell, sustaining injuries to his leg and face, he said. Emergency responders transported the student to Loyola Hospital in Maywood.    

OPRF Principal Lynda Parker alerted staff and families about the incident on the same day but did not share any details to maintain the student’s privacy. In an email, she said the school had notified the student’s parents/guardians, and there were no other safety risks to students at the assembly. 

Parker also said the school was aware that a video capturing the incident was circulating and advised staff, families and students to not watch or share it. She encouraged students to talk to school social workers, if they needed support to process the accident. 

“We are very concerned that some students took a video and are circulating it,” she said. “Please, out of respect for the student’s privacy, do not increase the harm by viewing or sharing this video.” 

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