Several Wednesday Journals ago, there was a report on Village President Vicki Scaman issuing an apology for comparing the history of police oppression and violence upon the Black community with women’s history of oppression and violence afflicted upon them by men. Both, she asserted, were “inevitable.” Oak Park progressives were apparently outraged by her conclusion there was any similarity between the two issues.

Now Ms. Scaman has signed on to formally protesting the leaked SCOTUS opinion that appears to portend the gutting of Roe v. Wade. Red states (and their male-dominated legislatures) are now licking their chops at the prospect of criminalizing contraceptives, abortions, or the very attempt to seek an abortion, or being a party to a woman seeking such, right up to imprisonment if a woman has a miscarriage! Hate is hate and it transcends race, gender, ethnicity or religion, and all the more chillingly so when it is carried out by any form of governance.

But maybe Oak Park progressives can explain how my comparison is invidious. In light of the SCOTUS attack on woman, I think the progressives owe Vicky Scaman an apology.

But Vicky can rationalize these things any way she wants. She’s a pragmatic politician for sure. For better or worse.

Joe Harrington
Oak Park

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