I support the District 200 school district’s effort to upgrade its aging athletic facilities. I’m asking everyone in our community to encourage the school board members to finally address this issue.

Every student deserves safe, modern classroom spaces, and as a community we should demand that our high school’s facilities serve our students’ needs. Right now we’re letting our students down. They take classes in spaces with dripping rainwater, decrepit floors, falling ceiling tiles, mold, and small inflexible configurations that often push some kids into the hallway. Some of these spaces might have worked a hundred years ago. But not today, and not tomorrow.

Anyone who has seen the locker rooms will agree: it’s like being in a dungeon. There is no privacy. There are no easily accessible non-gender-conforming changing rooms. The spaces are non-ADA compliant, and there are no elevators. Why does PE class have to be traumatic? Why would we as a community continue to accept this?

I appreciate that the school board wants to finally do something about the PE classrooms. I support this. And I hope they will take action now.

Kristin Friker
Oak Park

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