Quickly and clearly, Oak Park Village President Vicki Scaman signed on to a strong letter from women mayors across America condemning the anticipated Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade.

The letter, co-signed by 73 female municipal leaders from cities small and large, was clear in repudiating the direction and the reasoning in Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft of what appears to be a majority opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case heard this term by a highly politicized Supreme Court.

“It’s definitely just not acceptable in my mind to sit by and not sign this letter,” Scaman told our reporter, Stacey Sheridan. “It is just an embarrassment that this might happen,” said Scaman.

While our focus has always been intensely local and our expectation for local elected officials has been that they stay focused on local issues, that becomes ever more difficult as the intersection between local, state and federal policy and politics merge.

The values of this village — welcome, inclusion, diversity, equity — do not correspond with a rampaging court that is diminishing individual privacy rights in place for a half-century. And we actively share the concerns of the Women Mayors Network that outlawing abortion as a federal law would be the first step of this wrongly assembled court majority. The court has already weakened voting rights. LGBTQ+ and same-sex marriage are not safe in this moment.

So credit to Scaman for her honest strength in joining this clear statement by her peers.

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