We’ve never seen a mass resignation from an Oak Park village government commission. But we did in 2020 when six of seven members of the Community Relations Commission resigned, frustrated that its views were not actively sought by the village board as it hired a firm for equity training. That was a low point.

Now the commission, led by Glenn Brewer, a former village trustee, is almost at full strength. What’s worth noting is that three of the six members who resigned in 2020 have agreed to return. That speaks volumes for the efforts of Village President Vicki Scaman, who campaigned on returning respect to village commissions. Also getting credit are Trustee Chibuike Enyia, the board’s liaison to the CRC, and Brewer, a steady leader.

The re-emergence of the CRC as an influential advocate and advisor to the village board reflects, finally, a true focus on equity at village hall.

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