Kudos and hats off to the Oak Park Public Library committee for their acknowledgment of Dr. Percy Julian’s birthday on April 11 and commemorating his life and contributions [Oak Park library features a new Percy Julian exhibit, News, April 20].

As a resident of Oak Park, a diverse community, it is foreseeable that the village president and board of trustees, as well as the school districts, would give prominence to his life by creating an annual recognition and celebration. It is the right thing to do!

Special thanks to Jodi Kolo, library spokesperson, for the awesome summation of the life of Oak Park’s “Forgotten Genius.” Percy Julian is another significant figure in Oak Park’s history, whose achievements and story are very relevant to the community today and should be remembered, shared, and celebrated around the world.

Let’s unite and give Dr. Percy Julian, a well-deserved dignitary, recognition, admiration and respect for an unremembered hero.

Dorothy Wright, Oak Park

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