As Earth Month comes to a close on this troubled planet, here at home in Oak Park and River Forest, Wednesday Journal offers you a 20-page Growing Green special section overpacked with ideas, cautions, hope and reality checks related to why acting locally is still so critical to saving this planet. 

Working on this project in collaboration with the Oak Park Climate Action Network, we had too many stories to tell (see Viewpoints, page 41). We are blessed to live in an activist, problem-solving community that recognizes time is short to have the impact we need to make. Here we have the beginnings of alliances between local taxing bodies willing to invest in zero energy efforts. We have youth on fire to make actual change and to do the work. We have faith organizations who see the need to organize. We have urban farming and farmers markets. We have a growing bike culture. We have local businesses open to exploring their part in limiting waste.

We have great energy, smart and determined people and we have limited time to make a difference. That is a great motivator.

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