We just finished reading Melissa Elsmo’s wonderful article on the closing of the Eastgate Café [Bittersweet closure for Eastgate Café, News, April 13], and want to thank her for crediting our part in its history. Although we suggested Eastgate sponsor a jam session, it couldn’t have happened or been so successful without the unfailing support of owners Olya and Pat Dailey. We would also like to add that without the band’s current leader, drummer John Scoville, bassist Steve Hart and, later, bassist Tony Morrison, the jam session — and Eastgate — would not have been able to continue after the pandemic started.

In March 2021, when COVID first hit, Doug asked if John would be willing to take the leadership position in the band since Doug chose not to play in public. John stepped in and not only kept the band going but brought in new talent as well. All through 2021, until and even after Doug returned in the fall, John engaged guest pianists, publicized the jam, called other musicians about sitting in and was the leading force behind the session.

We just want to make sure he gets the credit, and thanks, he deserves. By the way, besides being a great bandleader he’s also a helluva drummer!

Doug & Wendy Lalli
Oak Park

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