You’ve heard the expression “All politics is local”? How about all politics is loco? You know, nutso? Crazy. Vicky Scaman’s mea culpa for drawing a comparison regarding “Black and Brown people’s fear of being stopped by police” to women’s fear of sexual assault is a case study in political correctness gone bonkers.

Village President Scaman’s assertion evidently was “harmful and racist,” as she stated in her apology. In retrospect, Vicky can believe whatever she wants, but how her statement was racist strikes me as absurd. She is a woman, no? Women have been victims of sexual abuse for as long as the human race has existed. Women of every color, ethnicity, or age group have been victimized.

How constant and common of an “oppression” is sexual assault? In the same edition of the Journal is the story of Mr. Quinn of Fenwick High School and increasing accusations of sexual misconduct. We currently have two Supreme Court justices who have been accused of sexual misconduct. A certain former POTUS admitted to grabbing women by their private parts while a camera and microphone were capturing his confession! And they, like notorious police abuses, are usually not held to account.

How then does the comparison disparage Black or Brown people’s victimization by police? Women dare not walk alone after dark. Many carry mace in their purses, and for good reason. That includes those with Black and Brown skin, I do believe.

Joe Harrington
Oak Park

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