Several weeks ago, Ken Trainor wrote a lyrical and hopeful column about the coming of spring [March toward spring, Viewpoints, March 9]. I appreciated the column, and as I read it, I thought about an unwelcome “specie” that arrives in spring — the gas-powered leaf blower. One of Ken’s previous columns called for the Oak Park Village Board to ban these deafening, gas-spewing machines that also destroy habitats of beneficial insects. 

It’s time for the village board to act. A time frame that gives lead time to landscape contractors needs to be put into place, as does an enforcement plan. There is much angst about what can be done about climate change. This is one simple thing that can be done now. I encourage you to email members of the Oak Park Village Board to urge them to take action on this one thing they can do.

Elaine D. Johnson
Oak Park 

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