I must agree with “Bad optics for District 200” from Monica Sheehan and “Confusing a pool with equity” from Jack Powers [Viewpoints, April 6]. I question Supt. Greg Johnson getting involved at this point other than pressure from the “group” that highly supports the 17-lane, 40-yard pool and seating for 600 spectators. Who are the members of the support group and why is it that we do not hear from them? 

If there is such a demand, then the correct alternative would seem to be for that group to form a club much like travel baseball, soccer, etc. Do their work and build their own aquatics center that they could use and also rent out to other like-minded groups to assist with funding if needed. 

And if the demand is such by this group, that rental aspect would only be profit for them.

Michael Papierniak
Oak Park

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