We opened the door, we closed the door
We’ll do it again, just like before
The virus is back, we can’t ignore
On Groundhog Day

People respond, as people do
Help us stay safe, tell us what to do
Or you’re not my boss, I won’t listen to you
On Groundhog Day

We took off the mask, we put on the mask
Such a little thing, is it too much to ask?
Our hopes have been raised, our hopes have been dashed
On Groundhog Day

The ERs were empty, and then they were packed
The shelves were empty, the shelves once stacked
Stores only take charge, they won’t take cash
On Groundhog Day

Will we rejoice or live in fear
Or will this become normal? It isn’t clear
What will it be when we get to next year
On Groundhog Day?

Gary Mark Belenke
Oak Park

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