I have brain damage resulting in mobility issues and dementia. I use a walker at all times whenever I am out of our house. Icy and snow-covered sidewalks keep me homebound and leave me depressed. 

There are three major problems that I incur whenever it snows: people who neglect shoveling all or part of the sidewalks adjoining their house; people who do an incomplete job of scraping their sidewalks, leaving behind a layer of snow and ice; and people who live in corner houses neglecting to shovel all the way to the street, leaving curb cuts inaccessible. Some shovel snow off of the sidewalk and deposit it in the curb cut where it inevitable turns into an iceberg that may block access for weeks. 

Is there a way I could make a formal complaint with the village that would force compliance with the appropriate village snow removal ordinances? I have fallen several times over the past three winters, resulting in bed rest and many, many sessions of physical therapy. 

Can I sue either the offending homeowners or the village for the pain and suffering I incur due to these falls? I average around 5,000-7,000 steps a day when the conditions allow. To avoid getting lost, I limit my daily wandering to an area of around 1 square quarter-mile. This freedom of movement is crucial to my mental health. 

Today I again find myself stranded and depressed. Can you help me?

Peter Lenzo
Oak Park

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