Display by 99 Haus Balloons and Alpha-Lit at the Betty White Centennial Celebration in Oak Park.

(Please enjoy this look at our special day created by filmmaker, Devin Quinn)

Thank YOU for Being a Friend

Thank you to Byline Bank for your incredible support of Wednesday Journal and Growing Community Media! Thank you to Classic Cinemas and the Lake Theater for hosting our celebration; we could not have imagined a better backdrop to honor Betty. To the Animal Care League—you have proven once again that puppies are a perfect addition to any party!

Thank you to the Oak Park Police Department and Public Works departments; your efforts helped to keep our event safe and running smoothly.

To 99 Haus Balloons and Alpha-Lit—There. Are. No. Words. Your collaborative display anchored the event, made a huge visual impact and highlighted the festive nature of the occasion.  To Turano Baking Company—your gorgeous cake provided a sweet finish that allowed every person to feel included in the celebration. The floral wreath provided by Garland Flowers marked the occasion perfectly and put Betty’s image front and center on the podium. Thank you to Red Vines and Prime Party for adding memorable details to our Betty White celebration—people clamored for licorice and posed for pictures with Betty up and down Lake St.

Thank you to our speakers, Vicki Scaman, Don Harmon, Frank Lipo, Zack Hudson, and Cindy Fee for lending their insights and voices to our program. People have commented again and again that each of you offered a unique and valuable perspective that enriched the program. You all have our heartfelt gratitude. Thank you to Jim and Sally Prescott for adding their press expertise to our event and ensuring we were able to handle the influx of interest in our celebration; we were comforted to have you in our corner. We are also grateful for filmmaker Devin Quinn’s creative eye.

To our volunteers: Friends and family make all the difference in a community, and you all proved that to be true. Thanks for pitching in to pass out papers, repackage Red Vines, line the street with Bettys, serve cake, usher talent and guard the doors to the Lake Theater! Each and every time we turned around, we could see all of you helping out and your smiling faces brought us joy!

With gratitude,

Dan Haley, Lourdes Nicholls and Melissa Elsmo

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