Dedicated to Betty White, R.I.P., written before she died

If laughter is the best medicine — then you, our comedic queen, are the best doctor in the world!

A toast to you, a roast for you.

Celebrating nine decades and more

of your wonderful life.

Happily honoring our hearts

with comedic delight.

Charming, always making us laugh,

a modern-day showbiz legend,

that’s a non-disputable fact.

In constant demand,

so many dedicated, entertained fans.

At ninety (plus), you’re

still working, walking,

making us laugh

and keeping us all talking.

American actress, brilliant comedienne,

not an easy task to write a short poem about you.

I could elaborate on your endless career,

all you’ve done, all you still do.

Seven decades of funny antics

and still going strong.

What a wonderful, inspiring —

aging with zest and grace — life-song.

There’s young Betty White

on her own sitcom

many fans got to love and know.

Sue, rubbing elbows, cracking jokes

on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

There’s that Rose character

with a charismatic, Golden Girl glow.

In Cleveland, that show

sure got hot, you starring as

the offbeat, older Elba.

It’s another success story

that hit the spot.

Again, can’t emphasize how often

this comedienne is in demand,

called upon.

Her fascinating life,

funny philosophy —

it goes on and on.

TV, game shows, Emmy awards,

The oldest, youngest at heart,

host of Saturday Night Live.

Movie hits with iconic

past and present movie stars.

Comedy at its best, simply divine.

Along with the gifts of humor

and quick wit,

there lies a true humanitarian,

concerned citizen,

and animal rights advocate.

I hear talk about

that side of Betty White

on late night talk shows.

I just love it when she’s on.

With her animated, candid spirit,

anything goes.

One last tribute

to this treasured comedic star

who aims to please.

Thanks a million

for the funny memories.

Keep acting off your rocker.

That’s exactly what we adore.

We’ll keep watching, laughing,

certainly, begging for more.

And don’t worry, we know someday

you’ll have to say goodbye.

But we’ll keep your legacy of laughter alive.

Vow — to never let it die.

Gail Galvan is a Valparaiso, Indiana author. This is from her book of poems titled,
“Affinity for Rainbows: Sunshine Finish Lines.”

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