I love the holidays, especially making and eating traditional family items. My all-time favorite is angel food cake with my great grandma’s boiled icing. For the umpteenth year, however, I have omitted her homemade coleslaw. I ate it for years; I don’t care for it. 

I get to choose my menu items.  

Unlike my holiday meals, current events foisted equity into my daily life. I can no longer avoid it, so I’ve chosen to educate myself about it.

I can consume and even embrace the loudest interpretation of equity — the USA is inherently oppressive — or I can nibble on and even develop a voracious appetite for an alternative paradigm: The USA provides the greatest opportunities for everyone!

Ibram X. Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones receive an awful lot of attention. They have written some tantalizing books and papers.

I’ve read some other scholarly works too. Bob Woodson is my favorite. I particularly appreciate his book Red, White, and Black and often click on his 1776 Unites reading list.

Carol Swain’s work is listed on the 1766 Unites reading list. I found her book Black Eye for America very compelling.

I also really like Thomas Sowell’s works, especially Charter Schools and Their Enemies.

Charles Love’s Race Crazy has brought me great insight into equity messaging.

Lastly, my favorite podcast host is John Anthony. He also hosts a radio show on AM-560.

Equity will be part of my life for the foreseeable future. I consume a variety of perspectives to decide if boiled icing or coleslaw best fits my appetite.

Mindy Credi, River Forest

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