For decades we’ve asked the Oak Park Residence Corporation, a nonprofit focused on investing in multifamily apartments in Oak Park with a goal of racial and economic diversity, if it ever intended to sell any of its now 32 buildings. Or would it just keep accumulating them, rehabbing them, managing them.

Our reason for asking has been based on the surmise that there isn’t endless capital for ResCorp to use to acquire buildings in tough or semi-tough shape in the village and that its portfolio of properties could be a source of fluidity. Putting properties carefully into the hands of respected local landlords also has value.

So we were happy to hear that ResCorp is, in fact, about to sell one of its smaller buildings, a 10-unit California-style building on Humphrey over by West Sub. 

We’re not urging anything like a mass sale of buildings by ResCorp. We’d just like it to expand its ability to take on new challenges by selectively pruning its holdings.

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