Ken Trainor is right [Give us a break: Ban leaf blowers, Viewpoints, Nov. 3]: It’s past time for Oak Park to prohibit gasoline-powered leaf blowers. They pollute the air and disturb the peace with their high-decibel roar.

The noise is especially intrusive in higher-density parts of the village, where Oak Parkers who live in low-rise apartment and condo or townhome buildings suffer when yard-cleanup crews work simultaneously or in quick succession at adjacent properties. Also irksome are the yardmen and women who loudly chase three leaves down a sidewalk for way too long. Let just a couple of leaves lie, and power down the blower!

Oak Park is progressive and forward-thinking in a lot of areas. It needs to take the same approach toward gas-powered leaf blowers: Ban them.

Richard Liefer, Oak Park

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