We admit it. Delivery day for the Holiday Food and Gift Basket program is about our favorite day of the year in Oak Park and River Forest. Catching a glimpse of the sanctuary of United Lutheran Church on Ridgeland and Greenfield with pews filled with gifts about to be delivered to families and elders of limited means across the village is the definition of Christmas. 

We missed that moment last year as COVID shifted the hand-bought and volunteer-delivered gift exchange to a gift card distribution that met many needs but lacked the personal dimension.

This year with some fresh leadership and the miracle of vaccinations, the program is returning to its roots — with, of course, COVID precautions. 

There’s still time to sign up your family or your work colleagues to buy gifts for neighbors in need, to make a financial contribution or help with deliveries. Find out more at communityofcongregations.org/holiday-food-gift-basket.

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