I just wanted to share my thoughts on the article that was written on the OPRF students [OPRF students banned from attending soccer playoff against Evanston, OakPark.com, Oct. 29]. My son plays soccer at Fenwick. On September 25, we played OPRF at the Priory Field in River Forest. The OPRF students were out of control using profanity toward our players and the ref. The ref stopped the game and had their coach speak to the students about their behavior. 

After the game was over the OPRF students walked to the Fenwick side and started chanting, “F*** you, Fenwick” and “Catholic pussies.” We, the Fenwick parents, were appalled by their behavior. A number of small children attended the game and were subjected to this nonsense. 

It was nice to see your article in hopes that the administration will take the necessary action to curtail the nonsense.

Rigo Montes, Chicago

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