Source: The Collaboration for Early Childhood

On a recent Saturday (Oct. 16) the Collaboration for Early Childhood held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new office space on South Oak Park Avenue. What a happy, creative, colorful space, beckoning all bystanders to stop and take a peek in the windows. There are lots of pictures of children inside the windows, which of course makes sense given the purpose of the Collaboration. What struck me that sunny morning were the eyes of the children in those photographs eagerly peering through the glass window. What do those eyes see? What do those eyes of the future see when they watch us?

On the left wall of the Collaboration’s new space is a quote from the late Nelson Mandela: 

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.

This quote and the eyes of children will be foremost on my mind as the upcoming COP26 begins in Glasgow, Scotland. COP (Conference of the Parties) is the nickname for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. COP26 will be the 26th such conference.

COP26 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12.

Many say this is the last time world leaders will be able to turn the tide from utter catastrophe for our home planet Earth. (For more information go to “What is COP?” at UN Climate Change Conference COP26)

The adults who have shown up for the past 26 COPs have continually kicked the can down the road. Leaders need to leave platitudes and rhetoric at the door and focus instead on action because the children of all species need immediate action that will keep the Earth’s temperature below 1.5 celsius.

Anne White, Oak Park

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