We like Oak Park Trustee Ravi Parakkat’s idea for a sustainability incubator, although we’re not tethered to this precise proposal. What we know is that something needs to be done to slow emissions and it needs to be done fast in order to avoid even more damaging climate catastrophe, scientists say. 

As it has been in the area of racial integration, Oak Park can be a national leader in environmental sustainability. Unfortunately, the village of late has not shown the kind of urgency and seriousness required to really get in front of this issue. That much was proven during an Oct. 21 Oak Park Village Board Finance Committee, as reported by our Stacey Sheridan. 

The trustees went back and forth about the specific details of the incubator and a proposed $10,000 for conducting a feasibility study. Some trustees seemed surprised by the very idea, even though it was apparently included in the board’s goals, which were adopted last summer. We’re not taking sides. Suffice it say, though, that if this board can’t be of one accord about a sustainability incubator (peanuts in the grand scheme of things), how can they possibly pull off much bigger feats of legislative imagination in the area of climate change? 

We’ll see. In the meantime, let’s hope they can marshal some consensus around the issue at an upcoming study session. 

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