A week ago, an Oak Park police officer fired his service weapon into a moving vehicle during what has been described as a rowdy funeral procession on Madison Street.

The incident took place on Sept. 23. Oak Park residents still have virtually no information on exactly where this case stands. It took the police department 24 hours to respond with the most basic information about the event, which sparked plenty of social media speculation, and had we not pressed repeatedly for that information, it appears Oak Parkers would still know nothing. 

The village has never issued a press release about the incident and has refused our attempts to get even the most basic questions answered. Was there anyone struck by the gunfire? Was anyone arrested? What is the status of the officer? Is the officer on desk duty pending an internal investigation? Is the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit investigating this incident?

Police are presently saying they can’t comment beyond their initial statement because it’s an ongoing investigation.

The opacity of Oak Park police in divulging the slightest information to the residents they serve is a major concern. We’d suggest the village president and trustees, who have spent a lot of effort addressing police accountability, start demanding more transparency.

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