While I agree with the overall message of Ken Trainor’s “Equinox = Balance” column in the Sept. 22 edition of Viewpoints, his presentation gives the impression that the Earth tilts back and forth over the course of a year.

It does not. The Earth is at a constant, unchanging (except for minor wobble) 23.5 degree tilt caused billions of years ago by the impact of a very large planetismal which, in fact, ejected the matter that created the Moon.

In June, the Northern hemisphere is leaned toward the Sun. It maintains that same orientation — no tilting as a verb — as it revolves so that in December the Northern hemisphere is leaned back away from the Sun. 

Voila, seasons and the perfect balance twice per year we should all strive to maintain all year.

Ron Elling, Oak Park

Editor’s note: Thanks, Ron, for the correction. Glad to have this explained.

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