My mobile scooter was stolen from the back parking lot at Mill Park Tower. A police report was filed, and after two months I haven’t received another. My goddaughter bought me another from Offer Up, a kind gesture, but it only lasted for a day, as the battery charger blew a fuse. It was 5 years old. After numerous attempts to receive new doctor evaluations and several promises from the manufacturer, they contacted me today stating that I couldn’t receive another until the end of December. I’m disabled and need another mobile scooter. I borrowed one that stopped in the street because of no energy in the battery; on two occasions, both the police and fire departments had to get me home. I need to work in a substitute teacher capacity. Other companies only have scooters to buy; $1500, no insurance accepted. Please assist me, as I need to get around and work.

Kathryn Forestal, Oak Park

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