The number of new COVID-19 cases week-to-week remains high in Oak Park, with a whopping 65 new cases reported by the village Sept. 2. That number is markedly higher than the previous Wednesday, when the village of Oak Park announced that there had been 38 new reported cases. 

The latest batch of cases range in age from younger than four years old to in the 90s, with the majority of cases occurring in people under 50, according to the village of Oak Park. 

The rate of transmission for COVID-19 in Oak Park also remains high, as Interim Village Manager Lisa Shelley detailed in the weekly status report to members of the village board of trustees. The report states that Oak Park’s current weekly COVID-19 transmission caseload of 1,190 positive cases per 100,000 people places the village in the “high community transmission range.”

Shelley’s memo included the caveat that the numbers reported do not reflect those residents who have tested positive using an at home self-administered test. Those tests must receive confirmation from official testing sites.

Oak Park had an increase in positive cases of 250 percent in August from July, while July had an increase of 750 percent over June, according to Shelley’s report. 

Due to these developments, the village of Oak Park is emphasizing the need for residents to respond to calls related to contact tracing. Contact tracing also serves to help health officials track the number of breakthrough cases. 

“Anyone who receives a call from the Oak Park Public Health Department or any certified health department may have tested positive for COVID-19 or had close contact with someone who has tested positive for the highly contagious coronavirus,” the village’s Sept. 2 report stated. 

“The importance of answering or returning the call can’t be overemphasized, officials say, because you could be at risk of becoming ill or spreading the virus unknowingly.”

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