The Oak Park Residence Corporation, a public-private partnership focused on maintaining diversity in well maintained apartments across Oak Park, has a new and admirable program. Last month it awarded scholarships to two recent OPRF graduates who live in ResCorp buildings. 

Charmir Akins is headed to Triton where she will pursue either business or nursing course work. Josiah Turner is heading to Ball State in Indiana and intends to study architecture.

The $2,000 scholarships can be renewed for up to three years if the young people continue on in their education.

ResCorp is a gem and we love to see them celebrate the accomplishments of their young residents.

Also at OPRF, we’re suckers for marking the institution’s history. So while the first phase of the Imagine OPRF capital project is all about upgrading classrooms, the library, the cafeteria, we’re enthused by the resurrection of a long-stored architectural relic from the school’s early years. 

The Book of Knowledge once graced the main entrance but was removed to make way for a major expansion decades ago. It wound up in pieces and under tarps deep in the bowels of the school. Now the very large limestone piece has been reassembled and given a prominent place in the center of the remade Commons area off the school’s main entry.

A fitting spot for this piece of OPRF history.

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