I want to enthusiastically support Jim Dickert’s proposal in last week’s paper [Covering the climate crisis, Viewpoints, Aug. 25] that Wednesday Journal provide coverage of local responses to the climate crisis.

It can be difficult for me to remember: Every time I adjust the thermostat, or jump in the car instead of running an errand by bicycle, or accept a plastic bag at the grocery store, I am making a decision which, multiplied by billions of similar decisions, impacts the health and safety of our children, our grandchildren, and the health of the planet itself. It is only by leveraging the efforts of individuals and local organizations, in support of global initiatives, that we will be successful in changing the direction of the planet.

There is lots going on in the Oak Park-River Forest community, and in the Chicago area, to address climate change. Coverage of all these activities by Wednesday Journal can educate more of us, and encourage us to be even more proactive, as we address climate change together. 

Wednesday Journal contributes to this community in many ways; this is an opportunity to make an even more profound contribution. Please carefully consider how Wednesday Journal can urgently address this critical issue.

Art Spooner

Oak Park

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