Hey, hey! Oak Park has Illinois’ best pie-making emporium, The Happy Apple. Other food reporting included Taco Mucho opening in the arts district, La Boora Cafe opening at Lake and Marion, and at North Avenue and Oak Park, David Hammond gives props to the “Dorilocos” at Linda Michoacana. Beer was featured regarding the 14th annual Oak Park Micro Brew Review bash on Marion St. Food writer Melissa Elsmo wrote about Takeout 25 and its upcoming confab at Barrie Fest. 

The issue thus bordered on becoming a de facto micro edition of Bon Appetit Magazine. Eat, drink and be merry at these gustatory locations. But make it soon, as the mask mandate is back and another shutdown is likely to become a dreadful case of deja vu all over again.

Another case of déjà vu — for myself at least — was the page 3 analysis of property taxes having increased the most for 2020 in the nearby suburbs of Berkeley, Bellwood, Maywood, Broadview, Stone Park and Hillside. I’ve seen this movie before. Racism in housing? Well, not everywhere. In comparison, Oak Park and River Forest saw increases much, much lower than those other ’burbs. This scenario comes down to how predominantly Black and Brown districts are exploited. As usual.

The article notes there was legislation passed in 1968, which outlawed discriminatory real estate practices. The Fair Housing Act would — according to the chart accompanying the article — seem not to be working very well. Anti-discriminatory laws are worthless if they are not enforced. Apparently that is the case, and decades after the act was passed, minorities get shunted to areas with the broken glass glitter of littered empty lots.

Who knew that racism was so ingrained in our society? Uh, well, the Blacks and Browns certainly know. For them it goes back centuries, not decades. America has been, and likely will always be, inherently racist. Our Founding Fathers typically owned slaves. Hey, as the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Can this discrimination be fixed?

I doubt it. But on the upbeat, I assume visitors from those over-taxed enclaves are welcome to come to Oak Park. Grab a craft beer and some tacos. Happy Apple Pie for dessert. Maybe even check our real estate listings.

Joe Harrington

Oak Park

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