It took a decade but Oak Park’s village government has finally settled with Rasul Freelain, an Oak Park police officer who has been through the wringer with multiple lawsuits, a wrongful termination and reinstatement, and most recently and remarkably, a promotion to sergeant.

The monetary settlement isn’t overly large, coming in at under $200,000. And like most such settlements, it has the legal mumbo jumbo about no one acknowledging wrongdoing.

Well, wrong was done. This all started with Freelain’s claim that he was being sexually harassed by a female sergeant. The department denied it though there were other officers with similar complaints. It took years, but that sergeant ultimately left the force after a seven-month investigation. There are any number of other odd turns in this story. 

We are left with admiration for Freelain’s perseverance and note his attorney’s comment this week to the Journal that his client is ready to look ahead. We expect the department is also ready to move forward.

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