No one can speak for God, of course, though many try. Lord they do try. The vast majority of white evangelical Christians in 2020, for instance, said God wanted them to vote for Donald Trump — and they did, by a huge margin, according to an article on the website

“The AP VoteCast survey shows that 81% of white evangelical protestant voters went for Trump this year, compared with 18% who voted for Biden.”

No surprise, then, that they are reluctant vaccinators. Though the numbers have risen, white evangelicals, according a recent article in U.S. News & World Report, remain the single largest demographic group who refuse to get vaccinated under any circumstances — 22% of them, based on a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

I wondered what God might say to these folks. And then it came to me, as if in a dream:

Stop following people whose values and behavior are an abomination in my eyes, whose words are hurtful and whose actions are harmful to others, and who are so self-obsessed that they never give a moment’s thought to other people. I often hear you ask, “What would Jesus do?” He would, and did, say, “Love one another.” Don’t follow those who cannot understand what the word “love” means.

All human beings are equal in my eyes. I wish they were all equal in your eyes as well. But they aren’t. Voting for those who support inequality, through words and actions, is a violation of what I hold dear and a betrayal of my plan for creation.

No human being is superior to another, and no human being is inferior. This is not complicated. Why do you make it so? All are equal. Treat them that way — in everything you do, everything you say, every day of your life. Am I making myself clear?

I appreciate that you’re concerned enough about abortion to declare yourself “pro-life,” but you continue to support, through words, votes and action, a political agenda and a personal lifestyle that endangers all of creation. It doesn’t do much good to end abortion if the entire planet is destroyed. An obsession with abortion is not my idea of pro-life. Be pro-life in everything you do, everything you say, every day of your life. In all things, not just one thing.

Love your neighbor as yourself, Jesus said. You have been loving neither yourself nor others nearly enough. Love more. Never stop. And never put yourself ahead of others, especially during a pandemic. I don’t cause pandemics — and I don’t appreciate insinuations that I do; that’s not how I operate — but a pandemic is a great opportunity to learn important lessons about taking better care of one another. 

The way you define “freedom” is sinful: personal indulgence at the harmful expense of others. You won’t wear a mask or get vaccinated in order to end a pandemic that is killing people and making many more sick. You say it infringes your “personal freedom.” Do you hear how that sounds? 

You are better than that. I know because I created you. If you want to please or praise me, then act like you have some inkling of who I really am and what I want for the world. Until then, stop claiming to speak for me. 

Especially at a time like this, everyone should be putting aside their fears and doubts and doing something to help their fellow human beings. That means wearing a mask and getting vaccinated.

Jesus warned you about false prophets. By their fruit you shall know them. Do you really think a compulsive liar could ever serve as my emissary? A person who consistently lies cannot be trusted. You are putting your trust in this man because he tells you what you want to hear. Believing such a man dishonors me. My way is truth, love and the sacredness of each individual and all creation. Do you really think a person who has made a bargain with the Devil is taking you down my path? 

You are lost. Come back. To your senses and to me. Your precious “freedoms” do not make you free. You seek personal freedom without any responsibility to your fellow human beings. That kind of freedom is just another form of prison — where you are the only inmate.

Stop listening to those who sell conspiracy theories that harden your hearts with fear. Open your hearts, then open the doors of your prison. Emerge from darkness into the clear light of day. 

You dislike people telling you what to do. You dislike people looking down on you. But you aren’t shy about telling other people what they should or shouldn’t do. And you look down on too many. 

You suffer from the disease of judgment. I had that disease once but discovered after The Flood that genocide was not an effective motivational tool. By the time Jesus came along, I had changed. He announced that change. Do not judge others, lest you too be judged. Do not condemn the mote in your brother’s eye while ignoring the beam in your own. When the mob was ready to stone a woman for adultery, Jesus said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. 

All have sinned. None are in a position to judge. Yet you judge even me, imagining me to be vindictive and punishing. You project your own biases and dark fears on me as a way to justify them in yourself. You do not know me.

I am the God of Love. That is all I am, all I am capable of, and it is enough. It’s all you are capable of too, if you would just try a little harder. 

I am not the God of Judgment, but that doesn’t mean I accept everything. You are people of faith. You want to believe. But you are too easily led astray by false prophets, who will always tell you what you want to hear, even when it’s not good for you.

What would Jesus do? He would tell his disciples to get vaccinated. Even Donald Trump is vaccinated. What does that tell you?

Wear your masks, get your shots, and help the world overcome this pandemic. 

Is that too much to ask?

I’m asking.

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