Like many of us, I have become very alarmed about the current climate crisis. The publication of the recent IPCC report has, I believe, brought the awareness of this crises to the public consciousness as never before.

But individual efforts to reduce carbon footprints are now dwarfed by the enormity of what must be done to prevent the disaster. It is governments that must act — all governments, including smaller ones such as the village of Oak Park.

However, when I searched a recent copy of Wednesday Journal, I found no article on sustainability efforts within village government.

The residents and public in general must be made more aware not only of the coming effects of global warming but, importantly, of the village’s work on this issue.

I request that one of your journalists report, weekly if possible, on the village’s work in regards to the climate crisis.

As the IPCC report implies, the human race is witnessing, now, not only a climate crisis, but really an existential one. All over the world the signs of a climate catastrophe are in full view. Community consciousness must be raised so that governments may effectively act.

So, as a proud donor to Growing Community Media, I would like to make a second request:

Would you create a section of the weekly printed Wednesday Journal devoted to the current climate crisis?

Thanks for considering these requests.

James Dickert, Oak Park

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