I appreciate your courage. Half the country really doesn’t want to think about this. [The second American Revolution, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, July 14]

I think humans are “hard-wired” for both affinity and differentiation, i.e., recognizing both the sameness (what we share in common with other humans) and the otherness (seeing our individual and collective differences) and that cultural values are the “software” that shape our attitudes about our similarities and differences. 

Throughout human history, and to this very day, slavery has existed. Wherever there is oppression, there is slavery. Speaking truth to power, afflicting the comfortable, is a noble endeavor. No single essay or speech or column will end slavery, but every act of resistance, every statement that exposes the truth, contributes to the cause. 

May homo sapiens survive to see the day when we as a species have vanquished slavery.

Kevin O’Keefe


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