The CLAIM Committee of District 97 wants to express our sincere appreciation to Senate President Don Harmon and State Representative Camille Lilly for their longtime support for Data Sharing Legislation HB 3424 that will enable non-unit districts like ours to enter into Inter-Governmental Agreements (IGAs) to share student records and information with other districts that serve the same students. 

We are tremendously proud to announce this legislation has passed the House and Senate and HB 3424 is ready for the Governor’s signature. The proposed legislation would allow districts like ours to provide the same continuity of support to students, and to engage in the same longitudinal assessment of our efforts, as our colleagues in unit districts. It does so through flexible, voluntary IGAs. 

D97 serves Oak Park’s students from Kindergarten through eighth grade, at which point the great majority attend District 200, Oak Park and River Forest High School.  OPRF also serves students from River Forest Elementary School District 90. 

Unlike our counterparts in unit districts, which serve students from Kindergarten through high school, as our students graduate from D97, we are unable to share relevant information about them with our colleagues in D200. This inhibits our collective ability to meet the needs of Oak Park’s children because the wisdom we have gained about how best to support a given student during their years spent in our district cannot be passed forward to the teachers, counselors, social workers, and others entrusted with their education and growth through high school.  

Our inability to share information also inhibits our ability to assess data over time to gauge the effectiveness of instructional, social-emotional and other programs, supports, and practices in a nuanced way. Among other things, longitudinal data plays an important role in efforts to address opportunity gaps and ensure that all students receive an excellent education. 

Districts are under no obligation to share data and IGAs can be written to cover all of the data available to unit districts or can be more limited should districts decide that this is preferable. It also protects student privacy by only allowing IGAs between districts with overlapping attendance boundaries, and only allowing data to be shared for students who have been enrolled by both districts or would be enrolled by both districts given attendance boundaries.

We are grateful that Senate President Harmon and State Representative Lilly have supported this effort since we brought the issue to their attention in 2014 and provided other legislators opportunities to learn about the issue as well. We thank all of the members of the community and all past and present members of the CLAIM Committee over the last seven years for their hard work and tenacity. We share the goal of the entire district to provide the highest quality education and ensure resources can be utilized in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

Theresa Jurgus, Chairwoman

Jay Rowell, Vice Chair

Dr. Felicia Starks, Asst. Supt. of Education

Gavin Kearney, D97 Board Member

Lou Anne Johannesson

Deacon Wiley Samuels

Rick Boultinghouse

Julie Mann

Sara Dixon Spivy, President, D200 school board

Thomas Nowinski

Matt Fruth, President, Oak Park Library Board

CLAIM Committee Members

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