Recent opinion pieces by Joe McDonald and Harriet Hausman bespeak our current political picture, writ light- and heavy-hearted, respectively. Joe wonders if he could be a “frenemy” of Mitch McConnell. You know, Mitch, aka “The Grim Reaper.” Harriet hopes for a public outcry for bipartisanship in Congress.

First, McDonald’s piece [Love your enemy? Viewpoints, June 16] invokes religious beliefs and historical episodes of bloodshed due to competing faiths. His conflict with religion’s apparent “do as I say, not as I do” is clear. I say one’s faith is best kept to oneself to prevent further divinely directed mayhem. Political parties are a form of religion, no? McDonald’s using McConnell as some kind of acid test for “loving one’s enemy” seems quite the challenge. Mitch himself embraces that “grim reaper” moniker. 

McDonald tries to humanize McConnell by noting he attended Biden’s son’s funeral and named a cancer research bill after the deceased. Really? Mitch is a form of cancer disguised as a human being. But Joe Biden and Mitch go waaaay back. So what? His obstructionism on countless compassionately designed pieces of legislation has undoubtedly meant hardships for millions in need. Maybe even early death.

Ms. Hausman laments the insurrection on Jan. 6, the Big Lie that propelled that dark day, and the ongoing residual political sewage that has been dredged up, over the past several years especially. It’s an ugly, vile and vicious cabal of anti-democratic, racist, fascist-minded elected (The Reaper, again) and civilian zealots out there.

Harriet ends her piece [The 15th Amendment, under attack, Viewpoints, June 16], seeking a bi-partisan response to We the People demanding such. Dream on. The people spoke on Nov. 6. They got the Democrats in control of the Senate, House and Oval office. Control? Technically, maybe. But somehow Mitch and his lapdogs seem to be calling the shots. Seem? No, they are. 

So much for bipartisanship, a persistent pipedream at best.

Joe Harrington, Oak Park

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