Is the flag at Keystone Park in River Forest a hostage of Platform Tennis’ expansion or the victim of hostile anti-American sentiment?

It’s very, very simple. Retire the flag at dusk or shine a light on the flag until daybreak.

The River Forest Park District decided to take a different path. They just removed the flag entirely. 

I’ve offered to personally raise and lower the flag on Memorial Day and Flag Day. I’ve submitted low-cost, solar-powered lighting options to the River Forest Park District commissioners. Their only response was “we’ll address it when we decide where the flag pole will be relocated.” 

Does this signal that the platform tennis expansion is a given? Who knows? Is it odd that the park district is considering hiring a Platform Tennis supervisor but can’t raise/lower or light our flag? 

Just strange. 

I don’t think many of us believe the Park District commissioners are intending to subvert American values and traditions, but it’s obvious they aren’t interested in promoting them either.

As baseball and softball seasons wind down and playoff games ensue. Please bring flags to the games and let the commissioners know we love our flag! 

Mindy Credi, River Forest

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