What a pleasure it was to read last week’s Wednesday Journal (June 16)! This issue was full of positive stories that made my day. Here are my highlights:

  • Michael Romain’s commentary and the Event Guide to Juneteenth celebrations
  • The positive stories of the excellent new hires for Oak Park and River Forest High School
  • The amazing stories of this new village board — especially their efficiency in adopting their five goals for 2021-23 after only a month-plus in office
  • The end of COVID limits on capacity and on most safety restrictions
  • The opening of many organizations that provide food, fun, and welcome respite for residents
  • The aspirations for a restoration of our main post office
  • Joe McDonald’s positive spin on loving your enemy — even Mitch McConnell (Viewpoints)
  • Actions and events that point to getting back to school
  • And sports! Summer is truly back!

Of course, there are many sad and difficult issues still affecting our communities, and it is essential that our newspaper continue to report on them in depth as they did here: The continuing issues of racism affecting many groups of minorities, the losses (through death or loss of employment) of those who affected students so mightily, the continued concern for the 15th Amendment on the part of Harriet Hausman, indefatigable writer on important topics at the age of 97, and so much more.

But the positivity of this week’s WJ was a cause for celebration.

In light of the recent news of so many columnists being “bought out” by the Chicago Tribune, we must keep our local newspaper alive. The truth must be reported, independent voices must be heard, and so, Wednesday Journal must thrive.

Here is an idea, based on Village Trustee Ravi Parrakat’s idea of spending $25 a week per family on local restaurants. What if every village family were to subscribe, and/or donate, yearly to WJ? Use any combination of 2’s and 5’s that work for you! Perhaps $25? $5.20? $52? $250? I will send a check today! Let’s keep local journalism alive — and let’s be sure to also contribute our points of view on any and all subjects that are important to life in this great town! 

Janet Haisman, Oak Park

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