A car crashed into the Onion Roll this morning (photo by WGN-TV).

Beginning the work week is hard enough, but it was extra hard for the staff of the Onion Roll. A car crashed into the deli, located at 6935 W. North Ave., around 6:30 a.m., Monday morning.

“We have a gate at the front of the restaurant and [the driver] just ripped off the gate and crashed into the brick wall, but thank God they didn’t go through the doors,” said Frankie Billicana, who manages the Onion Roll.

No staff members or customers were injured as the crash occurred before the deli had opened for the day, according Billicana, so the building was empty. Oak Park spokesman David Powers told Wednesday Journal the vehicle also hit a tree and a parking meter.

Billicana said that some of the glass on the car was shattered in the collision and tire marks were left on the street.

“Maybe he was just driving too fast because [people] tend to drive really fast on the street,” said Billicana.

A second vehicle was involved in the accident, according to Powers. The car that may have caused the collision was not at the scene.

“The driver, who was traveling east on North Avenue, told officers the car had been struck on the driver’s side, forcing it off the roadway and causing the accident,” said Powers. “Damage to the vehicle that struck the building appeared consistent with the victim’s explanation.”

The damage to the Onion Roll, per Billicana’s estimation, will cost “a few thousand” dollars to fix. The property inspectors from the village of Oak Park will inspect the building, per Powers. Police are also investigating the incident.

Despite the crash, the deli was able to open as usual, serving plenty people.

“It’s been a really crazy day,” Billicana said. “We’ve been very, very busy.”

Billicana invites all hungry people to swing by the Onion Roll as the crash hasn’t impacted the quality of the dishes.

“Feel free to stop by, so you can try our wonderful, amazing food that we have here.”

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