The Oak Park Police Department arrested a 19-year-old Broadview man, after he allegedly pointed a firearm at an Oak Park resident. The incident occurred at 10:22 p.m., May 26 in the 1000 block of Washington Boulevard.

The suspect had been arguing with the victim, according to Sergeant Joshua Bertels. When the argument became heated, he allegedly brandished the weapon, pointing it at the victim.

He “attempted to run from the Oak Park police officers, but was apprehended,” Bertels told Wednesday Journal. He “was found to still be in possession of the handgun.”

The suspect was arrested for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated assault and resisting a police officer.


  • The side service door to a garage on the 600 block of North Lombard was forced open and a lawnmower and garden cutting tools were removed from inside between 7 p.m., May 26 and 6 a.m., May 27. The estimated loss is $580.
  • Someone broke the lock to a work shed and removed a lawnmower and leaf blower between 5 p.m., May 23 and 8:30 a.m., May 24 in the 100 block of South Humphrey Avenue. The estimated loss is $900.
  • Someone entered an open residential garage and took out a bicycle between 2:40 p.m. and 2:44 p.m., May 21 in the 800 block of South Taylor Avenue. The estimated loss is $700.


  • The catalytic converter was cut from a vehicle parked in the 600 block of South Kenilworth Avenue between 10 p.m., May 26 and 7 a.m., May 17. 
  • Someone cut the lock to a storage unit and removed a bicycle from inside between noon, Jan. 25 and 6:45 p.m., May 20 in the 200 block of Washington Boulevard. The estimated loss is $280.
  • A package containing clothing was taken from the vestibule of a residence in the 100 block of Washington Boulevard between 9:46 a.m. and 11 a.m., May 15. The estimated loss is $200. 
  • Someone broke the lock securing a bicycle, then took the bicycle between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., May 24 in the 400 block of South Ridgeland Avenue. The estimated loss is $435.
  • Two unsecured bicycles were removed from a resident’s lawn in the 1000 block of North Taylor Avenue between 11:40 a.m. and 11:47 a.m., May 27. The estimated loss is $650.

Criminal property damage

  • A man was observed throwing a brick paver through a plate glass window of the 7-Eleven at 240 Chicago Ave. at 12:15 a.m. The estimated damage is $250. 

These items, obtained from the Oak Park Police Department, came from reports May 25 – May 28 and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in these reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not yet been adjudicated. We report the race of a suspect only when a serious crime has been committed, the suspect is still at large, and police have provided us with a detailed physical description of the suspect as they seek the public’s help in making an arrest.

Compiled by Stacey Sheridan

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