Journalist Michelle Gallardo, of ABC-7 Chicago, recently reported that 16 Black children were killed and 108 shot in less than five months this year in Chicago.

Spike Lee made a movie about this. Chris Rock has talked about an underlying problem. Only one Black man is consistently seen on TV supporting the most recent grieving parents. 

Dear National Black leaders, NAACP, BLM, and progressives, why are you silent about the ongoing violence against Black children?

In the Lathrop Homes housing project, there was a saying: sweep your own doorstep before saying mine is dirty. Many politicians, TV opinionists, and citizens ignore America’s responsibility for the safety of Black children while they are busy calling their opponents racists.

Congressional progressives want to defund police protection for Black children. They don’t want to defund the Capitol Police and have added 25,000 troops for their own safety. How about Critical Systemic Equity protection for Black children?

President Biden said, “Silence is complicity.” President Biden is silent about the ongoing deaths of Black children while he spends millions caring for kids coming from other countries. 

Color-blind, family-values Republican Fox News only mentions these continuous tragedies as a political side note.

Gang violence is no excuse. Remember the Mafia?

Government’s first job is protection. Why aren’t we demanding protection for our American children? 

Dear politicians, if you want my vote, protect these kids. Do your job!

Robert Sullivan, Oak Park

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