This past year has been tough for students, including myself. COVID-19 changed the way life works but it especially changed the way high school students function. During the school year, we have been learning virtually through Zoom and some part of the school year physically. Learning remotely throughout the school year has been frustrating because the learning experiences haven’t gone well. Most students were home just staring at a screen 4-7 hours a day in order to succeed. That is unhealthy for your mental and physical well-being. But a solution to these problems can possibly be social media.

Students have been learning from home, but there are plenty of distractions with so many electronic devices. Phones have been the most distracting thing for students. Students can get caught up in their phone which leads to a lot of missing work. Then they try to play catch up with the work and feel a lot of overload which leads to stress and depression. So since we are on our phones, we should incorporate some type of learning through social media to help students with distraction problems and make it a more enjoyable learning experience.

Most kids are distracted by their phones because social media grabs their attention and cures boredom. They are actively on social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, etc, which draws their attention away from their top priorities, such as school. But their purpose for being on social media is to learn information from others, enjoy other people’s creativity, and share their own creativity and information. There are plenty of creators who make videos on social media who combine their unique creativity with useful information that can be helpful for students during their learning process. Creators on social media are more capable of making an emotional connection than a teacher who is just teaching through Zoom.

Social media can be a better learning tool. Despite its negative effects, social media can positively influence students’ self-esteem in certain subjects like math or English according to Thrive. It can also positively influence students’ emotions as well. When learning from a direct teacher virtually, students’ motivation to learn goes down drastically and interest in doing school goes down drastically. Social media can cheer students up, watching someone with an enjoyable personality or someone who gives you tips and tricks to figure out a solution. A Tiktoker by the name “your.bummy.math.tutor” makes informative videos that help students solve equations and he also makes enjoyable content to make it enjoyable to learn.

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected a lot of students’ lives around the world. We are learning every day how we can get through these tough times easier. Social media is a good solution to some problems that we are dealing with while learning virtually. I hope teachers and parents can be open-minded and incorporate some creative tactics such as social media to teach students.

Khalil Nichols is a student at OPRF High School.

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