A leaf blower, a lawn mower, a power washer, an air compressor and a wagon made of red cloth were all taken from a garage that was left with an open service door in the 600 block of Lombard Avenue between 7:30 p.m., May 20 and 3 p.m., May 21. The estimated loss is $975.


  • Someone broke into an unlocked 2018 Nissan Kicks and removed a laptop computer and miscellaneous gift cards between 5 p.m., May 16 and 4:30 p.m., May 17 in the 1100 block of South Boulevard. The estimated loss is $1,545.
  • Someone removed a bicycle from a garage with an open service door between 2:40 p.m. and 2:44 p.m., May 21 in the 800 block of South Taylor Avenue. The estimated loss is $700.

Motor vehicle theft

  • A 2013 Toyota Corolla was removed from the 400 block of South Kenilworth Avenue between 9 p.m., May 21 and 9:30 a.m., May 23. The estimated loss is $5,200.


  • Someone cut the catalytic converter from a 2008 Toyota Prius between 5 p.m., May 12 and 9:30 a.m., May 14 in the 400 block of Home Avenue. 
  • Stakes, rope and a glass sculpture were taken out of a residential yard in the 1100 block of South Euclid Avenue between 9:30 p.m., May 18 and 10 a.m., May 19. The estimated loss is $130.
  • Someone cut the catalytic converter from a 2006 Toyota Prius while parked in a rear carport in the 300 block of Home Avenue between 5:30 p.m., May 12 and 7:45 a.m., May 13. 
  • Someone broke the lock to a storage unit and removed a bicycle from inside between noon, Jan. 25 and 6:45 p.m., May 20 in the 200 block of Washington Boulevard. The estimated loss is $280. 
  • A package was removed from the vestibule of a residence in the 100 block of Washington Boulevard between 9:46 a.m. and 11 a.m., May 15. The estimated loss is $200.

Criminal property damage

  • Someone damaged yard equipment and knocked over a planter, hurting the plant, in a resident’s backyard between 4:30 p.m., May 19 and 7:29 a.m., May 20 in the 800 block of South Carpenter Avenue. 

These items, obtained from the Oak Park Police Department, came from reports May 18 – May 24 and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in these reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not yet been adjudicated. We report the race of a suspect only when a serious crime has been committed, the suspect is still at large, and police have provided us with a detailed physical description of the suspect as they seek the public’s help in making an arrest.

Compiled by Stacey Sheridan

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