First, our village government did a great job promoting outdoor dining and providing the best way to administer vaccine: drive-thru. Thank you very much.

Second, our germ science does not understand exactly how germs get from one person to another. The experts are puzzled by a flu season that did not happen. MIT challenges the 6-foot rule. From now on, I expect expert public guidance to include online published research data. The CDC needs a Department of Transmission Science, and we need to give awards for Transmission Science research. Bravo for President Biden’s $500,000 better mask contest.

Third, TV news health information needs improvement. Any of us can quickly get better, easy-to-read, documented science by simply Googling topics such as “Flu Airborne Research.” Government and university health research reports are available online. Well-groomed TV news opinionists confuse belief with science research data. TV news says “Follow the science.” OK, TV news, post the research on your website.

Here is one example of recent important science ignored by TV news. A research project showed that exercise did not burn more calories than just sitting (Scientific American 2/2017). To learn more, just Google “The Exercise Paradox.” People losing pounds don’t have to endure hated extra exercise. Instead, they can focus on improving their diet. (Overweight and obese people were 78% of COVID hospitalizations according to CDC.)

Robert Sullivan, Oak Park

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