Downtown Oak Park FILE

We want to taste it, taste the end of this godawful pandemic. Some among us have already tossed over the restrictions, erased caution and embraced willful ignorance of the fact that COVID-19 isn’t done just yet.

Sure there is headway. The vaccines are powerful and their impact real if the group you are in is small and fully vaccinated. A drink on the deck with family is fine. An outdoor meal in a small group is more than welcome. A farmers market with a one-way traffic circle and mask requirements is as close to normal as Summer 2021 can offer.

That’s why it is hard news, but a wise choice, when Downtown Oak Park announces early that its signature spring and summer events have had the kibosh lowered on them. These are the festivals with the draw of live music and alcohol, food around community tables that we are just not ready for yet.

So thank you, downtown marketing team, for making the call. And if you can actually create a safely scaled back Thursday Night Out, you’ll have our confidence and our support.

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