Kids ride around on their bikes on June 16, during a block party in Oak Park. | Alexa Rogals/Staff Photographer

Oak Park residents can start planning summer block parties as of May 3, when the registration portal reopens on the village’s website. But don’t expect to share any lemon squares or hotdogs with your neighbors this year as block party potlucks are just another casualty of COVID-19.

In light of the pandemic, the village of Oak Park has issued a set of rules and recommendations to allow for neighbors to congregate safely during block parties. Along with potlucks, bounce houses and petting zoos are prohibited.

Partygoers should not share food with people outside of their households. Other rules include placing tables six feet apart and the wearing of masks when not eating or drinking.

 Block party guests should observe social distancing by standing six feet apart from people outside of their household. 

The village encourages people to use single-use condiments, cutlery, plates and napkins and to provide temporary handwashing stations with water, soap and paper towels. 

Block parties should have available hand sanitizer with at least a 60 percent alcohol content. Frequently touched surfaces should be wiped down with disinfecting solution often. 

Support for green block parties is not available through the village, which also cannot provide tree walks or visits from the fire department this year. 

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