When asked about citizen concerns as to the size of the Oak Park Residence Corporation-proposed building near Austin, David Pope says we can never get unanimity and that’s what makes Oak Park a special place.

Translation: The citizens’ concerns are of no interest to ResCorp because we always get our projects approved by the board.

Pope also says he will seek a proportion of residents with no cars so that parking provided in the design will be sufficient.

Translation: If we run out of spaces, we will let the residents park on your block.

Lastly, residents are concerned about sunlight being blocked and their privacy being invaded due to the building height and line of sight. Mr. Pope says, I hear you.

Translation: Mr. Pope is a great hearer, but he is not so good at listening.

That building, as designed, is going to be built just as it is … because ResCorp is a sacred cow in Oak Park and no one wants to turn any of its projects into hamburgers. Perhaps the new board and president will be different in how they assess building development.

Robert Milstein, Former Oak Park village trustee

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