We are a country in the crisis of deep pain.

For four dreadful years, our leaders showed blindness

toward the millions who live lives within the margins,

in systemic poverty that’s truly heartrending.

These neediest of people rarely make a gain.

Their voices must be heard, crying out for kindness,

but in the darkness of their lives, there are no bargains.

The Trump Administration’s lack of compassion

was truly mind-bending.

There should be no thought of shame by those who struggle

in the effort to feed themselves and their children.

They were left invisible in their isolated pens,

the administration totally lacking empathy’s might,

with no sense of how it feels in poverty’s bubble.

Our new leadership won’t stand still; 

With their wider lens,

now’s the time to bring back the dignity of being human

to those poor millions who have the right to God’s gift

of laughter in the sunlight.

**Notes: 1. Idea from Time Magazine article by Stephanie Land. Thoughts expressed are essentially mine.

Tom Lynch, Oak Park

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