Air pollution is a rising problem that needs to be stopped. It is the presence of chemicals in Earth’s atmosphere that are not a normal part of the atmosphere. In other words, air pollution is contaminated air. This issue is constantly getting worse and worse every day and we need to come together to solve this global problem. If we don’t take action and fix this problem soon, we won’t be able to fix it later.

Air pollution needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it is a serious health issue for people, especially children with respiratory issues. Children need daily ER visits due to the unhealthy air they are breathing. The air we breathe is becoming contaminated and deadly as we release harmful substances into our atmosphere. 

“Air pollution” by the Gale Encyclopedia of Science states, “Primary pollutants are those released directly into the air. Some examples include dust, smoke, and a variety of toxic chemicals, such as lead, mercury, vinyl chloride, and carbon monoxide.” These pollutants cause harm and are destroying our environment. These certain types of pollution can ruin and destroy the air for humans and animals. Dirty and polluted air can lead to death as well and we need to come together to help fix this issue.

There are several ways someone can help out our environment. If people don’t step up and do the right thing this growing issue can get bigger and bigger. Gale explains a lot of ways a person can step up and help out: “Individuals and households can help reduce automobile emissions by working from home, walking, bicycling, using public transportation, or carpooling. Drivers can choose a low-emission electric or hybrid vehicle, keep tires properly inflated, and regularly maintain their vehicles to limit their environmental impact.” Changing your lifestyle and doing these things can make a huge difference in the world and help out our environment.

Air pollution is very harmful and dangerous and is killing our planet. Each year millions of deaths occur due to terrible air that is killing people and the environment. According to the Gale article, “Let’s Clear The Air,” “the global estimate becomes 8.8 million, or 15.7 percent of all deaths worldwide.” This shows that air pollution is a major problem and is killing many per year. We can all prevent and save lives together if we control and stop air pollution.

In conclusion, we the people and the government need to help take action and solve this problem. If more people in this world can help out and change the way they live we can help prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths per year and clean our environment. Helping our environment will make a huge difference in our society and it all starts with help from you.

Ethan Walsh is a student at Oak Park and River Forest High School.

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