My experience with Vicki Scaman began when I was Township Supervisor. In 2016, I observed Vicki’s success with Steckman Studio youth drumming and how her work supported the Youth Interventionist mission of helping alienated youth experience a strong positive sense of belonging and success. 

Later, Vicki was a leader with IMPACT, an Oak Park and River Forest community group addressing underage alcohol use. As chair of the village’s Liquor Control Review Board, Vicki was key to IMPACT’s efforts to change village laws so offending youth would appear with a parent before the village Administrative Court rather than the county’s Maywood Court. They could then be required to attend a new township course (FACE-IT) on the legal and health consequences of underage alcohol use and to learn better parent-youth communication.

Another outcome was Vicki’s leadership in securing and leading a state Partnership for Youth Development grant to reduce youth alcohol use. Vicki managed the grant, assembling a workgroup of 30-40 Oak Park and River Forest community leaders for advice and support in the workgroup’s areas of influence. The workgroup represented liquor control, libraries, police, fire, parents, private schools, media, mental health, a university, health department, and three school districts. 

Her leadership and success led to a larger state grant to address youth substance abuse generally. She left the grant in 2017 when she ran successfully for Village Clerk. 

Vicki is well prepared to move up in leadership. She has earned our vote for Village President. 

David Boulanger, Oak Park

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