In recent weeks, I’ve had the privilege of volunteering with the village of Oak Park’s Public Health Department in their COVID-19 vaccination project. As gratifying as it is to know I’m helping our residents get protected, it is equally rewarding to be working side-by-side in a team with many other volunteers and staff doing this good work.

To a person, most people I’ve interacted with have praised the organization and efficiency of the process and I can attest to that from the volunteer’s perspective. Gaurav Gaonkar and his team, along with collateral agencies are doing amazing work.

It would be enlightening and encouraging for the Wednesday Journal to publish a weekly “progress bar” — you know, one of those old-time campaign “thermometers” to show how many cumulative people have been vaccinated. Since it’s possible to get vaccinations at locations other than the village’s, perhaps that is all they can report on, but that alone will give us all a sense of how we’re doin’ and give others encouragement that their chance is drawing near.

Ron Elling, Oak Park

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